The Summer Begins

June 25, 2019

The Dene Farm is in full swing this summer with a new crew led by Mr. Andersen! It’s been a rainy start but that hasn’t stopped us from working hard and getting the job done. The new crew consists of 5 enthusiastic BBA students: Tobianna Aldrich, Kilo Francomb, Bolivar Rodriquez, Peter Tschaikowsky, and Abby Navin. Look out for their bio’s soon! 


Not a moment here has been wasted-- we’ve worked hard to make some beautiful tomato trellises and plant a wide variety of vegetables, including: potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, basil, brussel sprouts and many more. However, it doesn’t stop there! We also made our first appearance at the Manchester Farmer’s Market just last Thursday and are already preparing for this week’s! You can find our stand filled with the classic Microgreens and other seasonal greens, ranging from spinach to kale and everything in between! 


With many more weeks ahead of us, we are all looking forward to learning more about Vermont’s agriculture! Our plans for the near future include: planting edamame, harvesting and drying basil, calendula, and cayenne peppers. We are also looking forward to moving into the new BBA Dene Classroom-- the wait is finally over! It’s exciting to finally have a space to call our home. In addition to the new classroom, we have planted a sensory garden next to it, which will help promote relaxation using the 5 senses. The garden is filled to the brim with Thyme, Lavender, Sunflowers, Echasia, Chives, Sage, and Lamb’s Ear. 


As you can see the Dene Farm is a busy place to be, but it is full of learning and fun! Come on down and visit us anytime! In August, you might even catch us harvesting hundreds of blackberrys on the magical Hildene property!







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