Meet our 2018 Interns!


Hi our names are Bri and Cullen and we are the two interns this year at the Dene Farm Program! Bri is a senior at BBA and Cullen is a Junior and we have both been Vermonters our whole lives. Bri loves to play sports and Cullen enjoys playing guitar. The Dene Farm Program has brought us both together to help out on the farm and learn more about where our food comes from. This week we harvested tomatoes that will go directly to our very own cafeteria at BBA! Next week we will be pulling out the tomato plants in the greenhouse as we just had our first frost on October 12th. While neither of us have had much previous experience with this type of work we are enjoying learning as much as possible and the opportunity to take a break during our regular school day. It’s interesting to see where the food that we eat comes from. Both of us have enjoyed our time and we are looking forward to continuing to expand our experiences at the Dene Farm Program!

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