Summer Synopsis

August 8, 2018

         With the summer winding down and the students preparing for school, the Dene Farm Crew has been reflecting on their last eight weeks. We decided to all share our favorite moment or activity from this summer! Here they are:


Abby: My favorite activity this summer was definitely working at the Manchester Farmer's Market.


Bryn: My favorite moment was by-far making pickles! But I did love working at the Farmer's Market as well.


Sloan: My favorite moment this Summer was feeling the satisfaction after finishing the tomato trellises! I also loved bonding with the crew:)


Zoie: It was great when we walked into the Head House (our main building) and found baby pigs being cleaned in our sink.... they were adorable!


Stella: I loved going outside to identify our pollinator flowers!


Derek: It was wonderful to see the BBA Summer Team growing and becoming more confident in what they do over the course of a few short weeks. I am so proud of them!

       We are making the most of our last few days, and since our last post, our team has been busy maintaining our beautiful gardens. Here is what we have been up to: We have spent some time making pesto with our freshly harvested basil, kale, and garlic. Last week, our students managed the farmers market by themselves and sold a variety of out micro greens as well as kale bunches. We also spent time drying our calendula and basil to make an apothecary section in our main building. Sloan and Stella created scientific drawings as a reference for pollinator and flower identification. Yesterday everyone picked wild blackberries on the Hidden property and visited our honey bee hives to learn more about the pollinators that visit our plants. We have been examining the pH, nutrient density, temperature, and moisture of the soil in our greenhouses and outside gardens. Finally, we spent our lunch break yesterday making delicious food with our zucchini, pesto, tomatoes, basil, garlic, and onions. All of our BBA workers have had an absolute blast this summer, and between our fun projects, research, and maintenance - we feel amazing about what we have accomplished. 


Bryn, Sloan, Stella, Abby, and Zoie thank Hildene Farm and BBA for giving us this amazing opportunity. We have all grown tremendously this summer as people and workers, and are much stronger both mentally an physically. We will all visit the Dene Farm to volunteer and help out this coming year and even farther into the future. We also hope BBA enjoys our produce this year, made with so much love <3




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