Charming Farming!

August 1, 2018

With only two more weeks left of help from our BBA Student Summer Crew, we are making sure to use this time productively by maintaining our beautiful gardens! There is always work to do- it's surprising how fast weeds grow back! Between rock picking, weeding, pest management, reseeding, and pruning, we are always getting our hands dirty. But since all of our planned crops have been planted this season, we have had time for many fun projects as well. Last week we spent time making delicious cucumber pickles (curried, dill, and spicy pepper), while this week we plan to make pesto with our excess basil! Since our last update, we have started harvesting tomatoes, kale, and calendula- with more on the way! Before the summer comes to end, we hope to see more and more progress with our crops so that the BBA cafeteria is stocked and ready for this school year. We also hope to see many visitors at the farm to make the last months of amazing weather count! 


-The BBA Summer Crew



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