Sign Making

July 4, 2018



When faced with this weeks heat wave with highs almost reaching 100 and unrelenting sun, the Dene Farm Program summer crew pressed on, working on the Burr and Burton garden and some indoor projects. We tackled some aggressive micro weeds and planted onions onions onions! A small pea trellis was also built and peas, after being prepared in water for a day, were planted. This forced the peas so that once in the ground they germinated faster. We also planted peppers, broccoli, cabbage, bush beans, and flowers. There's a row in our garden that is entirely flowers, along with a few raised beds, for the purpose of attracting pollinators and beneficial insects and improving our garden's health. 

It was also a field trip week. We went to RK Miles to buy lumber to make additional raised beds and signs, in addition to purchasing some paints and paintbrushes. We used these supplies to make new, colorful signs for the BBA garden, featuring some snazzy artwork by the summer crew. PICTURE HERE

Our second field trip was to the BBA campus to use the STEAM lab and make a poster for the farmer's market on Thursday, our first one of the season! Abby and Zoie will accompany Derek to sell microgreens and wild sun tea and promote the Dene Farm program. We look forward to getting out in the community and sharing the amazing work that we're doing down here on the Dene Farm. 

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