Integration in the Greenhouse

At the Dene Farm, we have been studying plants; their form and how they reproduce. This week we have been focusing on Sunflowers. Did you know sunflowers have two different types of flowers in them, ray and disc flowers? We have been connecting as a class, working in groups to finish labs with microscopes and exploring more of the gardens in depth. We spent time learning how to work the microscopes and work more efficiently using tweezers and probes to separate and extract the different flower parts. It has been amazing to see the sunflower seed attached to the disc flower. 

We are learning to understand simple and composite flowers and how they contribute to our ecosystem. We are learning how to distinguish between male and female flower parts. 

We have been working very well as a class, connecting and getting to know each other and our work habits. It is also good that we are working in groups, learning how to better communicate with a variety of our classmates. 

Overall, we have all enjoyed this lab heavy class. We look forward to learning more about our local plants and how to incorporate them into our everyday lives through medicinal or herbal/edible uses. 







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