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February 1, 2019

Hi ! My name is Ryan Howard Towsley, I am currently a senior at Burr Burton Academy, I have attended BBA for my 4 years. Throughout 3 of those years I took classes at the Dene Farm Program. I really enjoyed being there everyday, not just because my friends were there but because of how much excitement and fun it truly was. Everyday I learned something new about plants, food, animals, insects and more. Every time I learned something new about nature I started catching my self enjoying nature and eating more vegetables. I love the Dene Farm Program culture so much that after 1 year of not being there I truly missed it. Now I am currently working here at Dene Farm Program for the rest of the semester as an intern. For other classes I am currently taking Music Foundation.  I have become very passionate about making music, how to make beats, how to edit beats and lyrical/poetic writing. I enjoy writing stuff that goes on in the world that we as the people should fix or should have fixed. I...

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